Scream Of The Falcon

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Scream Of The Falcon Scream of the Falcon is an entertaining adventure-filled fantasy following a tempestuous season in the lives of a clan chieftain and changeling noble woman in a world called Berynth. The heroine, Alida, is driven to survive the nearly insurmountable odds her fate has offered her following a siege upon her heritage lands which leaves her virtually alone. Though battered by the circumstances of life, Alida continues to fulfill her proud training as an unsurpassed warrior woman skilled in the administration of a kingdom and as artful in war as the men that one by one form her alliances.

As the chieftain of Drachmund Heights, Ulrich, the hero, is a strong unbending lord with a history and talent for war who is also a skilled administrator of his wealthy and fierce clan.

Scream of the Falcon sets the stage for the lives of the characters to come. It contains a preface by the author, introduction/prologue of the story, a map of the lands portrayed and character descriptions from the annals of Berynth. With a fast-paced opening the book sets itself up to be a favorite read followed by a necessary and detailed progression through the development of characters and culture, finally culminating, in the last third of the book, as an exciting read to the very last page. The author has been told by many readers that they were afraid their book was missing pages as they neared the end and discovered that the action was still high and intense.

Sample Book Excerpt:

"The horses and riders bent against the freezing onslaught of the storm, their shoulders and backs aching from the strain and their heads throbbing from the constant roar of the winds and the slapping sting of slush and ice-laden snow.

Alida, her eyes a steely grey in the gloom, stared straight ahead, refusing to express her exhaustion or any form of weakness to the rough, brawny men around her.

The Red, who had left her alone since that first horrible night in the caves, suddenly broke free from the head of the command line and rode back to where she was. Without comment, he grasped the lead reins of her mount and led the shaggy horse to the front of the slow moving battalion.

Alida sat up straighter, her heart hammering away in her throat. There was a gleam in the massive man's eye that nearly matched the light that glimmered from his ice-crusted beard. His voice, hoarse from the conditions and pride alike, commanded with a sneer, "Woman, cast your eyes upon a sight infinitely greater than thee." His hairy, powerful hand gestured to some point up ahead.

Alida looked up, and suddenly from out of the blowing flurries of snow, a great black city rose like a beast from the frozen rocks, the winter winds moaning horribly around its walls.

"Welcome to Brögen Fjords, your new home." Alida shivered inside at the sight of the imposing walls before her, for this place made of dark stone looked as if no warmth could ever penetrate its walls."
Click here to order the book online
Click here to download the
Book 1 Reader's Guide (PDF)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first edition books of "Scream of the Falcon" contained printing errors that make their value greater? Only the first 25 books contained inconsistencies common for a first run. The author numbered each of these first 25 books and signed them to be used as collectibles.

The Author

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R. A. Winters Author R.A. Winters comes from a bookish family of eight, parented by a journalism-major father and english-lit majoring mother. These captains of the "Titans", which was their name for their pack of children, were also accomplished musicians on the piano and violin. With such brilliant influences the author couldn't help but love all the cultural pursuits. It wasn't long before she honed in on the written word in all its forms from comic books to heavy reading such as Tolstoy and poetry of the likes of Kahlil Gibran.

After her high school graduation she moved to Oregon where the incredible landscapes of rain forests and moody ocean gave her the inspiration to begin some serious writing. At the age of eighteen she completed her first novel and numerous offerings of prose and poems. In the spring of 2005, she submitted her second novel for publication. Much to her thrill, Scream of The Falcon and the subsequent plots for the next two books of the trilogy were picked up immediately!

Currently she and her husband are raising their four children in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Ms. Winters has enjoyed the labor of love that writing has required and daily encourages her children to chase after their own passions. She is a researcher, reader and explorer using all materials gathered to make her writing come alive. She spent fifteen fantastic years in Oregon, has happily revisited California, and is looking forward to the vast adventures and raw inspiration that her Rocky Mountain home consistently provides. She has discovered that her pen continues to write through it all with a fervency that has taken on it's own life and power.

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R.A. Winters first book "Scream of the Falcon" is now in bookstores! This book may be ordered directly from any Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks or Borders Books & Music stores in the nation or online through TatePublishing.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, or Barnes & Noble.com. Stay tuned for Book 2 - The Falcon Wars!